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It’s only April (at the time of writing), but we’ve had our fair share of great movies in 2019. Thank God because 2018 was quite dry in that regard. Here are our top picks.

Never Look Away

This romantic historical drama depicts three decades of a great artist’s life. The plot is loosely based on Gerhard Richter, a famous visual artist. He grew up in Nazi Germany as a child and moved to East Berlin after the war, where his romance with a lovely young woman begins. It turns out her father was a member of the Nazi government who’s gone into hiding.

When the Berlin Wall falls, he finally goes to West Germany, as he always wanted. Ultimately, he becomes a leading figure of the exciting new modern art movement.

Richter is played by Tom Schilling, who has also starred in Generation War and Woman in Gold. His young love is Paula Beer (Transit, Frantz, The Dark Valley), and her father is played by Sebastian Koch (Blackbook, The Lives of Others, Homeland). The movie is rated R for violent images and graphic nudity and was directed and written byFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

The Wind (horror)

We love horror films and 2019 is set to be a super year for us. The Wind is a chilling tale of paranoia, madness, and terror, where an unseen evil haunts the homestead. The main character is played by Caitlin Gerard, a rugged, resourceful frontierswoman living in an isolated area on the American frontier in the 19th century.

As she lives in the desolate wilderness, isolated from civilization, in a place where the wind never stops howling, she starts to feel a sinister presence. It seems to have emerged from the land itself. She talks to her husband about it, but he passes it off as mere superstition. The presence of a newlywed couple that moves into the area amplifies her fears, causing a macabre chain of events to occur.

The movie is rated Rfor violence, sexuality, and some disturbing images. It is directed by Emma Tammi and written by Teresa Sutherland.


In Dogman, the main character Marcello lives in a seaside village in Italy, where survival of the fittest is the law of the land. The mild-mannered, slight man divides his days between caring for his daughter Alida, working at his modest dog grooming salon, and being coerced into small crimes by the former boxer Simoncino, who terrorizes the area. Brought to a breaking point by Simoncino’s abuse, he decides to get revenge – with consequences no one imagined possible.

This mystery-drama is NR. It was directed by MatteoGarrone and written by Garrone, UgoChiti, and Massimo Gaudioso.