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How Virtual Reality Will Affect Hollywood

The world of VR is getting bigger and bigger. VR used to be a small industry that catered to a niche audience. Now, VR is a mainstream experience that caters to all sorts of people. Whether it’s the immersive gaming experiences, movies that let you choose your plot, or even virtual porn movies, VR media is everywhere.


With this new media, Hollywood is sure to be concerned. Twenty years ago, Hollywood was practically the king of media. Movies could rake in billions of dollars in a span of weeks, and their biggest celebs were among the richest in the land. However, with newer forms of entertainment like games and music, Hollywood’s star is on the wane. With VR becoming more popular, could it potentially be a threat to Hollywood?

How will virtual reality affect Hollywood? You may be surprised that VR technology can have both positive and negative effects on the movie industry.

Hollywood will invest in and embrace new technology to create VR movies. Hollywood is always up to date with the latest movie-making tech. No doubt they’ll soon start embracing VR technology to create a host of films that cater to augmented reality enthusiasts. While creating these films may be expensive, it’s sure to pay off once these movies give audiences an immersive experience.

One caveat to this, however, is the time it will take to create these VR movies. VR movies require more than just shooting the film, editing, and adding CGI. Instead, these movies require extra adjustments to make audiences feel like they’re actually in the movie with the characters. This is sure to require a lot more time for companies to create the finished product.

The issue of plot vs. immersion. Directors and cinematographers with great visual style always butt heads with screenwriters. While audiences want to watch a visually stunning film, they also want a coherent plot. When VR comes in with their mind-blowing visuals and 4D experiences, the story might take the back seat. Balancing the VR experience with the storyline can be difficult, but it’s not impossible with the right crew.

Only viewers with VR gear can watch certain movies. One of the most glaring caveats to watching VR movies is having compatible gear. Unlike with regular movies, audiences must have the right gear to be able to watch VR films. If companies want to screen their movies to the general public, they would need to use a platform that supports VR capabilities. What that in mind, perhaps one day there will be a movie streaming service specifically for VR.

Gaming industries might take over. The Hollywood film industry is one of the biggest in the world. However, they don’t hold a candle to the gaming industry. The gaming industry makes more money than both the movie and music industry combined!

So how can Hollywood take back the crown? Through VR. VR movies, as expensive as they may be, can reel in audiences who love the immersive experience of games. Through VR movies, Hollywood can reclaim its place as the top media producer in the world. Hollywood already has big movie companies and movie stars in their ranks. Once they add in some virtual reality into their movies, it’s sure to be a hit.

Virtual reality won’t kill Hollywood. In fact, VR might actually bring Hollywood back to its former glory!